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The Breath of Life Difference 

No extra fees. Period. 

Hot salt stones , essential oils, hot towels, and kinesiology taping can help reach your goals of relaxation & tension relief. Enjoy these additions at no extra cost! 

Get the time you pay for. 

At Breath of Life, the time you schedule is the time you receive on the table. Health intake & dressing do not count towards your scheduled time. We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early for health intake and discussion prior to your appointment time, to get the most from your session. 

Consistency with Character.

You will experience consistent principals here at Breath of Life. Flowing techniques, mindfulness, and a calm space to create space for the body--- are a piece of every session. We are constantly expanding the depth and knowledge of these principles. No two sessions are alike, as your body is constantly changing, so are its needs.